In the name of the moon, a new season of “Sailor Moon” has been announced!

Get ready, children of the ’90s, because a new season of Sailor Moon Crystal is coming! And we’re already getting our mini-skirts and hair buns in order.

Sailor Moon Crystal debuted in 2014 and follows the Sailor Guardians on a journey documented in the original Sailor Moon manga, by Naoko Takeuchi, and portrayed in the ’90s on the companion animated TV series. Sailor Moon, discovering her powers, must find her fellow Sailor Guardians and the Silver Crystal and save the world from darkness and destruction, all while wearing schoolgirl-esque — but somehow also extremely fierce — sailor suits. NBD.

News about Sailor Moon Crystal was announced on the official Sailor Moon website this week as part of a 25th anniversary celebration of the franchise. Though the website is in Japanese, reports indicate that in addition to the new Crystal season, the original Sailor Moon series will, for the first time, be released on Blu-ray. Hi-def Sailor Scouts? We’ll take it!

And OH YEAH. If you wanted to see the original 1993 Sailor Moon R movie (!!) you can still catch it playing in many U.S. theaters. Viz Media announced more screenings this week, so get thee to the movies — stat!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal before the new season premieres (we don’t yet know when that will be, but we’ll keep you posted!). You can watch the first three seasons of the series on Hulu if you have an account, or stream them free on Crunchyroll. Moon power!

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