This new season summary gives huge hints for “Once Upon a Time” and we can’t wait!

If you fall asleep dreaming of Storybrooke from Once Upon a Time each night, then listen up: We have the scoop on what’s going to happen in Season 6.

As you know, the Evil Queen is returning next season. We’re also going to meet Aladdin and Jasmine, two of our very favorite fairy tale characters, for the first time, so we’re already antsy for the new episodes to start on Sunday, September 25 on ABC.

However, Entertainment Weekly recently came across a logline for Once Upon a Time and divulged a few teasers as to what else is to come in the upcoming season:

Apparently Emma is going to learn a “life-altering secret that could have serious consequences for her family and loved ones.” BUT WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!


We heard back at Comic-con that Emma will discover she’s *not* the only savior. Could being a savior be hereditary? That would mean not only that Henry might be a future savior, but that Snow or Charming could also have the potential! Or, is the savior-title something that gets passed on (think Buffy’s slaying powers) when the old savior dies. Is there any way Emma could give up her savior-ship and live a normal life?


Meanwhile, elsewhere in season six, Henry will set off on a gallant quest to help the new characters from The Land of Untold Stories figure out their narratives, along with Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, Captain Hook, and Zelena, but the journey awakens ghosts from their own pasts. At the same time, Mr. Gold continues to try and wake Belle (pregnant with their unborn child) from a sleeping curse.

Seems like a lot of mysteries and new faces are about to woven into the Once Upon a Time storyline. We can’t wait to see what happens!