This new “Rogue One” film trailer is making us beside ourselves with “Star Wars” excitement

Disney just released another look into the latest Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, and we’re losing our minds! The film stars Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, and is just one of the many expansions of the Lucasfilms franchise.

Releasing December 16th, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story follows an extraordinary group on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. But seeing as we’re used to the many twists and turns of the franchise, we bet this won’t be an easy task.

Take a look at the TV spot for Rogue One for yourself! We guarantee you won’t be able to hold in your excitement.

The new movie is coming to us just a year after The Force Awakens release, and we’re excited for it! Hearing that Disney plans to expand the Star Wars franchise has put a lot of our minds at ease. And by the looks of things, we know that they’re going to keep the integrity of the brand alive.

Disney announced release dates for upcoming films Star Wars: Episode VIII and Han Solo — December 2017and May 2018 respectively.

In the meantime, we’ll anxiously anticipate all the inside looks of Rogue One before we (finally) see it in theaters. But, the suspense is killing us!

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