The new “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is about to start “Midnight Streamings”!

If you’ve been following the progress of FOX’s live Rocky Horror reboot (coming this October!), then you probably already heard about (and maybe even saw) the five minute live sneak-peak, as well as freaked out over the release of several cast recordings and Victoria Justice’s “Touch Me” teaser.

And now we have something even BIGGER for you to freak out about…

Because Fox is going to be releasing “Midnight Streamings” of scenes from the show for the next few weeks via Hulu and Fox Now!!! You know, like…midnight screenings, but online. And we can’t freaking wait!


The spots will stream every Thursday night at 11:59 p.m ET until the premier on October 20th. SOMEBODY CALM US DOWN! Also, is it Thursday yet?? No? Okay, we’re going to crawl into bed and hibernate until then, so just wake us up at the appropriate time, cool?

If you desperately need a Rocky Horror fix until then (and the whole hibernation plan doesn’t really work for you), we got you covered. Just watch to the below on repeat.


H/T Entertainment Weekly

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