There’s a new Rachel in Central Perk and we kind of love it

Be still our hearts: Two of our favorite TV shows just collided. Welcome to Central Perk, Rachel Bilson.

The actress formerly known as Summer Roberts recently visited the set of Friends and posted an adorable pic on Instagram for all the world to see. She’s sitting on that famous orange velvet couch in Central Perk, holding a classic oversized coffee mug. And as her simple caption, “Ross?” indicates, she’s one Rachel channeling another.

Now that we think about it, there are definitely similarities between the two Rachels. They’re both well-dressed and they’re both drawn to tall, dark and handsome guys. And they both like to hang out in coffee shops.

Just imagine a world where both Friends and The O.C. exist. Maybe Marissa (we know, we know, just humor us) would be Rachel’s next assistant. The O.C. gang could also hang at Central Perk, where Seth would totally play maracas while Phoebe played guitar. Yes, we definitely like the sound of that.

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