New pumpkin spice treats are already here, because AUTUMN

Autumn is almost here, which means all things pumpkin are almost here! Hoorah!  And we’ve come across some brand new pumpkin spice treats that we really think you’ll want to know about, because generally, it’s just really important to know about pumpkin spice things.

Each year, sooooooo many new pumpkin products grace us with their pumpkin-y presence (like these Pumpkin Spice Peeps, YUM), but there’s one product we’re especially excited about that we’ve never seen before — pumpkin spice cereal! Kellogg’s is the first major brand to carry a cereal that has been spiced with pumpkin, and they’ve chosen one of their most classic cereals to spice — Mini Wheats! Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats are slowly making their way to grocery stores across the United States. As far as when these limited-edition tiny Autumn breakfast treats will rollout nationwide, no date has been confirmed, but our excitement for them has definitely been confirmed.

The fun doesn’t stop with Mini Wheats, though. Let’s move along to Pop Tarts. That’s right — Pop Tarts now come in pumpkin pie flavor (yesssss!), but only for a limited time (obviously). So, if pumpkin is your thing (if you’ve read this far, we imagine pumpkin is definitely your thing), you’ve gotta try these new Pop Tarts — toasted, of course.

And now for the grand finale — Pumpkin Spice Fudge Stripes! They’re the only item on our list that is not a breakfast food, but they’re also not not a breakfast food. We need these immediately.

Words can’t accurately express how excited we are for autumn and ALL OF THESE NEW PUMPKIN SNACKS. September, hurry up and get here! And thank you Kellogg’s for answering our pumpkin prayers.

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