The new promos for Kesha’s tour give us chills in all sorts of ways

Kesha has been doing some pretty amazing things lately. Since she basically stole the show at this past Coachella with a surprise drop in, she’s been beaming onstage whenever we get to see her. Which (thanks to her already announced fall tour) will be a lot more in the near future.

Her tour theme of “Kesha and The Creepies” was already pretty spectacular (and a perfect Kesha-style mix of playful and strange).

But now that we’re seeing even more of her tour promos, we couldn’t be more excited (and, TBH, a little scared).

Between the pulsating rock and roll beat in the background to the psychedelic colors onstage to her head-banging, high-energy style, there’s so much about this video we are totally loving. And of course it’s got a pretty obvious homage to her “creepy” element for those brief flashes she looks eerily at the camera like she’s spitting up, well, something strange.

All of her tour promos feel totally unique and yet all perfectly themed around the strange yet amazing Kesha we all know and love.

Her tour actually begins in just a couple days on the 28th in Windsor, Canada and will take place across the U.S. and Canada and continue throughout the summer.

We’re just glad to see this talented artist back doing what she loves and bringing her colorful style across the nation. You can snag tickets to see her in action on her website.

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