These new Pringles flavors sound weirdly delicious

Move over peppermint mocha. There are some new holiday flavors in town, and they’re coming from a food you’d least expect. This isn’t the first time Pringles has released some special holiday flavors for the winter season (that is, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Pecan Pie, and Tortilla Cinnamon & Sugar) but this year a whole new flavor has joined the team: salted caramel.

There are holiday cookies, holiday drinks, so why not holiday chips? These limited edition creations are the next thing to add to your holiday grocery list. You wouldn’t think that Pringles would be the most festive of holiday snacks, but these new flavors are making us seriously reconsider.

In addition to being surprising, these chips are also super exclusive. In fact, the only place you can pick up the new salted caramel flavor, as well as the classic milk chocolate, is your local Walmart, and the pecan pie flavor is found only at the Dollar General.

Luckily, the classic white chocolate flavor, as well as cinnamon sugar, will allegedly be available in your local supermarket.

If you can get your hands on all of them, then you might officially win Thanksgiving dinner. Who wants turkey when instead you can chow down on sweet, cinnamony tortilla goodness?

(Image via Twitter)

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