We just got a peek at the new ‘PLL’ title sequence, and we’re freaking out

It’s barely been two months since the mind-blowing Pretty Little Liars summer finale, but fans are already counting down the days until the January, when the second half of season six is set to premiere. Thanks to the cast and sharing little behind-the-scenes tidbits on Instagram and Snapchat, we have a clue or two about what the show will look like when it skips five years ahead (Spencer has bangs; Hanna has a wedding ring – that we know for sure).

I. Marlene King teased that haircuts aren’t the only thing we can expect from the new, revamped season: the show is getting a new intro! The PLL opening sequence has become iconic – the four Liars stand at what is understood to be Alison’s funeral, looking extremely guilty while The Pieces’ “Secret” vamps behind them. The creepy accordion music always set the perfect mood for the show.

Will the new intro at least stick with the same song? We’re not sure yet. However, Marlene confirmed earlier last month that Aria will no longer be the only one “shh”-ing the camera. Each of the girls will now get their moment to shine, I mean “shh.” Honestly, this is for the best. Aria’s off-center shush made her many fans’ number one A suspect – purely based off that opening sequence.

Then, Marlene (oh, Marlene you sorceress, you) dropped another epic clue on Instagram this week about what we could expect from the new titles. She shared this photo from the filming of the new intro.“#TBT to the day we shot the new PLL opening title sequence with @itsashbenzo @lucyhale @sleepinthegardn @sashapieterse27 @shaym #Season6B #JanuaryPremiere #prettylittleliars #FiveYearsLater,” the caption reads. This is huge – Alison is standing with Hanna, Spencer, Aria and (next to!) Emily. Does this mean she will be playing an even bigger role in this next pretty little era? And is her positioning next to Emily a clue that Emison might still be a thing? Ugh! January cannot come soon enough.