The new “Power Rangers” poster is very intriguing

When we heard the news of a new Power Rangers reboot, it was exciting enough. In an age where most superheroes that take over the box office are from either the Marvel or DC universes (and are absolutely packed with star-studded talent), it’s fun to have something so totally nostalgic and totally different on its way to the big screen.

And the Power Rangers movie is already proving to be very different than anything else out there — at least from the looks of the newly released (and totally mysterious) poster for the film. false

The Power Rangers themselves are mere silhouettes against a dramatic sunset (sunrise?) and almost disappear amongst a huge cluster of barely-peeking-through stars. The single tagline (which is, of course, perfect for the show) is simply “Together We Are More.” The poster invokes a more contemplative feeling, like that big exhale before you know something big is coming. And that feels totally appropriate for the excitement we feel for the upcoming movie. The Rangers, who were known not only for their mighty morphin’ abilities but also for their playfulness and martial arts skills, will likely get a more contemporary (and serious) makeover.

No doubt the movie will morph from this more thoughtful feeling into an action-packed super fun, crowd-pleasing thriller for everyone to enjoy. The fact that we’ll see contemporary people rock the colorful uniforms of our childhood is enough to make us feel like…