This new poster for Disney’s “Moana” is giving us serious girl power vibes

After the success of 3D animated movies like Frozen and Zootopia, Disney is at it again with another story about a powerful lady. This Thanksgiving, Disney will be releasing Moana, the story of a young woman, Moana, who sets sail for a fabled island with the help of demi-god Maui.

Moana released a new poster for Moana today, and the leading lady is looking fierce.


One of the things we love about Disney movies is that they aren’t afraid to make their leading female characters strong, especially lately. We loved watching the smart, sassy Julie Hopps from Zootopia, who beat all the odds to become a tiny but mighty cop. And of course, Frozen gave us some serious sister power between Elsa and Anna. Moana looks to be another serious dose of girl power, as the heroine braves the fierce ocean to find a mystical island.

The poster shows Moana front and center. Her character is voiced by newcomer Auli’i Cravalho. She looks strong and brave, and totally ready to conquer the ocean. And we’ve already talked about how Moana doesn’t have a love interest, which is a huge deal, because it means this movie will be all about Moana’s journey.

We also always love some silly animal sidekicks, and how cute is that pig? The goofy chicken on the pig’s head looks like he’ll be a lot of fun too, and it’s being voiced by the fabulous Alan Tudyk, so we’re sure it’ll be hilarious.

And of course, the massive Maui, who is voiced by The Rock, looks badass with a twinge of silliness, and we can’t wait to see the character come to life.

The Rock announced the poster via his Instagram, and he also announced that we can expect a new trailer on Thursday.

Until then, check out this teaser trailer for Moana:

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