Get ready for the most insane new Pop Tart flavors ever

We’ve got some sweet news for your Friday morning! Pop Tarts, beloved snack of the Gilmore Girls and the closest thing to candy that you can reasonably eat for breakfast, is introducing five new flavors. Between December and next spring, Kellogg’s is rolling out to some of our new favorite toaster treats.

The flavors they announced are nothing short of inspiring. Fruit? Chocolate? Wait, BACON? Pop Tarts really pulled out all the stops. Here’s the need-to-know on your soon-to-be faves.

Frosted Watermelon — The traditional light crust is covered in pink-and-green icing and full of watermelon-y goodness. It’s very summer, and we can’t wait to nom some while sitting poolside when the heat rolls around again.

Maple Bacon — Let’s just say it: everything is better with bacon. This may be the most unexpected offering, but it’s also kind of brilliant. It’s like a hot bacon n’ pancakes breakfast in a handheld pocket. This one has a maple-bacon filling, and the white frosting is topped with salty and smoky “crunchlets,” for that little extra bacon boost.

Chocolatey Caramel — We’re talking chocolate icing on a chocolate crust, with a caramel filling and drizzle. And the best part: It’ll be one of the first on shelves, hitting stores this December!

Pink Lemonade — What do you get when you combine a lemonade flavored filling, pink frosting, and pink and yellow sprinkles? This sweet new flavor dropping in April!

Frosted Spring Strawberry — Strawberry is one of the best Pop-Tarts, there’s no denying it. So it’s no wonder Pop Tarts are offering up a limited edition run of a revamped strawberry pastry. This one will have the usual filling, but the frosting on top will feature edible cartoons. Yes, Pop Tarts has finally figured out how to combine our nostalgic Saturday morning cartoon feelings with our nostalgic Saturday morning breakfast feelings. It’s a feelings feast.

So there you have it. Sorry for the cravings, but December will be here soon.

(Image via Shutterstock)