We are SO ready for new “Planet Earth” episodes

We’re pretty sure Planet Earth is the best show that’s ever appeared on TV: After all, who hasn’t found solace in David Attenborough’s calming narration, set against spectacular vistas of this beautiful water-covered rock we call home, as well as explorations of the alien creatures and natural phenomenon that exist alongside and perhaps beyond humanity? Well get ready, because the BBC has confirmed that after a decade-long break, a second season of the show is airing later this year with Attenborough at the helm once again.

A new dawn for
A new dawn for “Planet Earth”

While the original series ran for eleven one-hour episodes, Planet Earth 2 will only feature six episodes. And though Planet Earth was far from the only nature documentary series to make waves upon its airing, its utilization of high-def technology, combined with Attenborough’s oftentimes hilarious dry commentary, continue to make it a favorite for nature enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Planet Earth 2 levels up on its technological power, utilizing ultra high-definition cameras and drones to capture footage. We can’t wait to see the new footage; until then, we’ll be revisiting the original series, as well as sister series The Blue Planet (2001) and Frozen Planet (2011). (These last two can be found on Netflix… just saying.)

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