People are obsessed with this new pink drink from Starbucks, but what is it?

Some secrets are too good not to share. Like this sweet new “Pink Drink” from the Starbucks secret menu that is basically taking the internet by storm — and for very good reasons! It’s not only delicious and healthy, it’s also filled with a lot of delectable goodness.

The Pink Drink is simply the familiar Strawberry Açai Refresher drink with coconut milk instead of water. And even though that sounds like a minor change, it seems to have some major (not to mention surprisingly beautiful) results.

Even though it is a strawberry drink, you can easily swap out the floating strawberries for any other available berry to create a perfect mixed berry taste with a delightful pink color that would make even Elle Woods proud.

The coconut milk is such a simple yet brilliant switch up for this drink, making it feel more like a milkshake without all the sugar and guilt. The only real requirement of the drink seems to be taking a picture of you (and your friends) enjoying it before it’s gone. Which is a requirement we are happy to oblige by because this thing is just plain pretty!

It seems like a playful and refreshing way to usher in a colorful summer and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.