These new pictures of Jess and Luke on the “Gilmore Girls” set are what you need to get through Tuesday

It’s been a solid week without any sort of amazing behind-the-scenes pic from the set of the Gilmore Girls revival, and a week is too long to wait. With this new series on the way, we need to know absolutely everything happening at every second of the day in Stars Hollow. The same goes for everything happening to the people in Stars Hollow, and two big ones are Jess and Luke. It’s about time we caught a good glimpse of them on the set of the show.

Thankfully, it’s like these two knew we were just waiting super (not) patiently for a peek at them. Yesterday, both Milo Ventimiglia and Scott Patterson uploaded pictures to Twitter of the two of them hanging out. This is the uncle-nephew reunion we’ve been waiting for. They’re also joined by certified handsome man Sean Gunn. So really, this is the uncle-nephew-Kirk reunion we’ve been waiting for.

The biggest take away from this picture is Ventimiglia’s hair. Look at how long, and curly, and flowing it is! it might rival whatever kind of cut Rory is currently sporting. The subtle scruff on all these dudes is also very, very nice.

From Gunn’s picture, it is 100% clear that they’re filming a scene inside Luke’s Diner right now, and Luke’s got the flannel shirt and backwards baseball hat to confirm it. With Jess thrown into this mix, what’s he doing at Luke’s diner right now? Might he be back to help Luke out…or maybe it’s because he and Rory were always meant to be and this is just fate finally working out for them CROSS YOUR FINGERS. With Ventimiglia confirmed to be in three of the four Gilmore Girls episodes, our Rory and Jess dreams might come true.

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