OMG there are new photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the set of “Passengers”

Stop everything: there is a new photo out of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the set of Passengers and it’s awesome!

Today is a good day for Pratt fans, because not only was the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster revealed, but another photo from his upcoming sci-fi film with Lawrence has surfaced and it’s super exciting.

Okay, so it's just a photo of the Passengers' cast, which includes Pratt, Lawrence, Ludacris and Marco Andretti, but it will make all you sci-fi, romance fans out there smile, which is definitely a good hump day treat.


Passengers is a movie about two people, Jim (played by Pratt) and Aurora (played by Lawrence) who wake up on a spacecraft, 90 years too early. They were amongst 5,000 passengers who were asleep (in a frozen state) that boarded the spacecraft that was intended to land in another galaxy and time, but something went wrong.

The good news is, because they are awake they can try and figure out what is malfunctioning on the ship -- oh yes, we almost forgot to tell you, the ship is in danger of falling from the sky.

Along the way the two fall in love, because there are literally no other people around — there are machines and robots — and therefore it’s a sci-fi romance.

This new behind-the-scenes cast photo gives us a little taste of what it was like filming the movie, which is very cool. It’s is almost as great as the newest gif posted on Passengers‘ Twitter account on October 13.

Spoiler: it has Lawrence and Pratt kissing, so yes it's a little better than the new photo!

See, we told you it was good!

Passengers hits theaters on December 21, so mark your calendars for more intergalactic make-out sessions featuring Lawrence and Pratt!