Let’s overanalyze this emotional new Instagram of “Gilmore Girls'” Rory and Emily

Gilmore Girls is coming, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

With the Netflix revival currently in production, everyone is back to work. Unlike the original, this time around everyone’s got a smart phone with the Internet at their fingertips, and that benefits US. Rory couldn’t tweet back in 2005.

Slowly images from the revival have started coming out, just like this latest one. It shows Tanc Sade, who played Finn, a student at Yale and a member of The Life and Death Brigade. We know that group of hooligans students is coming back for more, Finn included. While shooting on set the other day, Sade happened to snag a pic with two out of the three ladies holding the last name Gilmore.

Now, it’s time to obsess over this. The background is ridiculous nondescript, so they could be anywhere in Stars Hollow right now — or simply somewhere on the studio lot. More than likely, the latter’s the case.

And without knowing exactly where they are and what’s going on, it’s hard to figure out context. So instead let’s spend a long time staring at Alexis Bledel’s hair. It’s neatly pulled back, with one long bang pushed behind her ear. That’s such a Rory haircut, so we’re happy to see that she hasn’t changed in the last ten years. Kelly Bishop also looks like she hasn’t changed in the last decade, so there must be something magical about the Stars Hollow water.

According to his IMDB, Sade is currently listed as being in two out of the four Gilmore episodes both Summer and Fall. Are we getting a double dose of the Life and Death Brigade, or have Rory and Finn just stayed really good friends for these past few years? Stay tuned.

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