New ‘Paper Towns’ trailer — is it July yet?

John Green knows how to make us squirm, scream, cry, and fall in love — and this new trailer for Paper Towns is making us do all of the above! It’s chockfull of clips that manage to be intriguing and non-cliché and funny and scary and sad and romantic. July 24 can NOT come fast enough!

First we get an introduction to the characters. Quentin is your typical high school movie guy protagonist: kinda goofy, kinda low-status, super sweet and cute. Then, we meet his two goofy side-kicks, who alternate between making bravado-filled cracks about Quentin’s mom and being insecure about their lack of high school cred. Finally, we meet Margo, played by Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows and growly cool-girl voice.

Quentin idolizes Margo, of course, and the two are off on a prank-filled and semi-romantic adventure, complete with Nair and a doubtful grocery store clerk. In a normal teen movie, that would be the whole plot — but this is John Green, so obviously there’s more for us to learn and cry over. Margo disappears, and Quentin’s high school romp turns into a mystery where he tries to find Margo… and himself. The bros are around for comic relief, of course, and there’s an epic montage of Quentin et al. at a big party, in a car careening to avoid a cow, at prom, and Margo looking like Little Red Riding Hood on the runway.

Paper Towns is John Green’s love letter and rebuttal to coming-of-age stories where a boy is influenced by a manic-pixie-dream-girl with no real flesh behind the protagonist’s idealization of her. We can’t wait to see how the film deals with the twisty-turny plot and the emotional growth of the characters, and all the funny, heartbreaking moments we love from the book.

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