Brand new Oreo alert! Brand new Oreo alert!

Prepare your hearts and your tummies, friends! Oreos are coming out with a “sophisticated” new cookie, and it looks delicious. Available in Mint, Golden, and Original, newcomer Oreo Thins have the same Oreo flavor we love so much — but thinner (hence the name) and crunchier. Already sounds amazing.

According to the Associated Press, “The cookies look like regular Oreos and have a similar cookie-to-filling ratio, except that they’re slimmer. That means four of the cookies contain 140 calories, compared with 160 calories for three regular Oreos.” While Oreo is in no way professing their new cookie as a diet alternative, it sure makes our guilty-pleasure feel a teeny bit less guilty.

Best of all, taste-testers across the web are giving a pretty unanimous thumbs-up. The folks over at People headquarters tried out Oreo Thins and are super enthusiastic about this revamped snack. And is all about the new look, stating, “The cookie and the stuf [sic], however minimal, manage to retain a familiar crunch and creaminess, making Thins a grown-up take on a cookie we already know and love.”

While we’ve been drooling over all the zaney new flavors Oreos has come out with as of late (S’mores, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, just to name a few), Mondelez International (one of the world’s largest snack companies) has already been testing out Oreo Thins in China. The AP reports, “the slimmer cookies helped win back ‘lapsed users’ in China . . . In the first eight months, she said Oreo Thins generated $40 million in sales.” Oreo Thins are already winning overseas!

Oreo Thins hit our grocery shelves July 13th, so make some room in your pantry. These are gonna be delicious.

(Image via Oreo)

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