This new Oreo flavor may be the best one yet

Brace yourselves: Oreo will soon be releasing a brand new, limited edition flavor just in time for Spring!

If you’re like us, then at one point or another, you’ve probably stopped whatever important task you were working on, closed your eyes for dramatic effect, and wished upon a culinary star for a strawberry shortcake that majestically fits in the palm of your hand. (I mean, we can’t be the only ones, right?) If you know exactly what we mean, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Oreo is making our delicious dreams come true!

Starting on April 4th, Oreo will be releasing a Strawberry Shortcake flavor (most likely in stores such as Walmart and Target). However, a lucky few have managed to get their hands on these treats (at Walmart, fyi) and have thus posted their tasty triumph on Instagram for all to admire:

From the looks of it, it seems as though the creamy cookie features a golden exterior and a pink interior. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that the pink stuffing is strawberry-flavored. (We’ll be super confused if it isn’t.)

Considering that strawberries were basically made for springtime, it’s safe to say that we are very excited about this Oreo development. However, we must emphasize that these cookies are limited edition, which means that no more will be released once the shelves are empty. So, if you manage to snag a package, make sure to share or grab an extra one for us! According to The Consumerist, the new Oreo should be available April 4th.

Now, we’ll just be over here, making our calendars and thinking about how magical a Strawberry Shortcake Oreo must be.