This new Netflix series will make you never want to use a dating app again

Dating apps open up a world of possibilities. You’re introduced to people whom you may never have gotten the chance to meet in the “real world.” But dating apps are also fairly daunting and mysterious. Who really is the person behind the picture? A new French Netflix series makes dating apps all the more daunting and mysterious. In fact, you may never want to use a dating app ever again after watching.

The eight-episode series is called Osmosis, and is brought to Netflix by showrunner Audrey Fouché, who was previously on the writing staff for several episodes of The Returned. Versailles producers Aude Albano and Claude Chelli have also climbed on board.

According to Variety, the French sci-fi revolves around the idea of finding perfect love.

The show is set in a near-future Paris where a new dating app called “Osmosis” is all the rage.

The app can find a user’s true love with 100% accuracy by accessing the deepest parts of their brain. But of course, there is consequence when an algorithm decides who you love for you.

The app’s technology is so powerful that it knows the user’s deepest, darkest secrets, and has taken those secrets into account when calculating your true love.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, early 2000s chat room!

The show goes into production in 2018, so we have some time to prepare ourselves for paranoia. Is finding true love worth letting a computer into our minds? We really don’t know and that’s the scary thing!

Just in case the show comes out too late and the 2018 version of Tinder has been upgraded to read our brain waves, we might delete our dating apps right now — you know, just to be safe!

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