This new mother’s surprising ~performance review~ will make you happy cry

Becoming a new mother is already pretty difficult, and going back to work after having a baby makes things that much tougher. Trying to find a happy work-life balance is almost impossible, and having your work appreciated by lose friends and family can make all the difference.

One new mom in particular had us crying happy tears as she received her performance review after returning to work postpartum. But, it wasn’t just any ol’ review. Instead of talking to her boss about the ins and outs of her position, her colleagues, friends, and family got to weigh in on how proud they were of her for drive to be a good employee, wife, and mother.


While the video has been around for about a month now, it was still sweet to see the new mom graciously listen to her closest friends and family pay her much deserved compliments. You could totally tell she didn’t think her day-to-day was too extraordinary, and even admitted to not being able to keep it together most times. However, her circle felt differently, and watching them shower her with love warmed our hearts!

You should totally check out the viral video below! But, keep those tissues handy, because we guarantee you’re going to need them.

The tears…they just keep falling!

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