Tonight’s supercharged new moon promises a positive fresh start—here’s what it means for your zodiac sign

New moon alert! We have a supercharged new moon in Virgo occurring today, August 30th. It carries a lot of energy, pushing us to go the extra mile at the beginning of September. You can expect a cleansing effect on your emotions, communication, finances, and overall energy. You might feel like someone hit the reset button—and that someone would be Virgo.

This is a very positive new moon, promising bold beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start. Let’s take a look at how this new moon will affect each zodiac sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign as well.


Time to make magic. This new moon is pushing you to make new beginnings happen on all fronts. You have all the ingredients necessary to find the growth you seek; all you have to do is take a leap of faith. Believe the universe has your back and take the first step. As long as you take the initiative, the results you seek are possible. All hands on deck.


Time to drop the ego, Taurus. If you’ve been trying to get the winning hand, you might come to realize that no matter how much you push, you’re not getting the results you want. This new moon is offering you the chance to be humbler and more modest. By approaching conflict with less ego and a more compromising attitude, you’ll realize all your problems can fade away. Just say sorry, Taurus, and you’ll regain your peace.


You’re happy in your home, finding the peace you desire and the stability you want. Perhaps you had to cut some people out in order to get this peace, or perhaps it is just the reflection of your dedication to establishing healthy relationships. Regardless, for you, this new moon is about happiness at home.


It’s a good time to hit reset on your finances, Cancer. If you have been spending unwisely, not paying attention your finances, or not taking advantage of financial opportunities, this new moon is offering to reset your attitudes when it comes to money. Perhaps this is regarding a relationship, a false start, or a lack of compatibility. If that’s the case, cut your losses, as more opportunities will come your way.


Time to take some bold actions, Leo. Now is the time to pour all of your energy into whatever it is you want to achieve. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. Just do the thing. Go get it. Run for it. As long as you take initiative and are consistently making an effort and demonstrating leadership, you’ll get what you want.


Recently, you might have felt conflicted or like you had to compete with other people for the things you want, but this time is coming to an end. After a time of struggle and conflict, this new moon offers peace and resolution to your situation. There’s no need to compete. And if you are in a situation that requires unnecessary competition, remember: You always have the choice to leave.


You might feel surprisingly passionate, wanting to impulsively follow a new shiny object or showing uncharacteristic enthusiasm for a new person or situation. Do be careful of hasty decisions. Now is a time where you aren’t super grounded or realistic. And as much as passion is encouraged, you’re also asked to see things for what they are: unstable. Don’t commit to things too early.


You might find it difficult to juggle the different responsabilities and commitments in your life right now, and this new moon is showing how necessary it is to redefine your priorities. What is it that you truly want? Once you have an answer, make it your priority—and make sure that you don’t waste energy on secondary goals.


You have been focused on your finances lately, and this new moon indicates a renewed energy when it comes to money. You are working hard at providing for yourself and perhaps for your family, and you are offered to renew your perspectives on what it means to be a provider and a caretaker.


If some things have been happening behind the curtains, you’re about to get a glimpse of what you did not know. This new moon occurs in your occult sector, showing that if you have been surrounded by negative or ill-intentioned energies, the mask will fall off. It’s a time of getting back on the path of integrity. If you have been betraying your own ethics, now is a time to hit the reset button.


If you have been involved in disappointing relationships, this new moon gives you a nudge to walk away from those that are just not satisfying enough. Sometimes, it’s better to walk toward the unknown than stay in situations that make you feel dull. Also, remember: Indecision is a decision.


This is a time during which you might find that collaborating with peers is the best way to go in order to increase your material stability. You’re encouraged to seek counsel and collaboration with others in lieu of going after your goals alone. Company is key.

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