There’s a new moon and a solar eclipse today—here’s how they’ll affect your zodiac sign

Summer is here, birds are chirping, the moon is new, and the eclipse is solar!

Eclipses are a powerful moment during which significant shifts happen for everyone; you can expect this eclipse to have an effect that will last for the next six months, so keep your eyes peeled for both the collective changes and shifts for each sun sign.

This new moon occurs in the sign of Cancer, while both Mars and Mercury are located in Leo. This is warm astrology weather, a time during which we’re focused on the qualities of the heart and on interpersonal relationships. This eclipse also shows a collective concern with qualities typically considered “feminine”: nurturance, emotions, safety, vulnerability, receptivity, intuition. But feminine doesn’t necessarily equal gentle here, and this eclipse and new moon do show that for the next six months, delays, obstacles, hard work, and sometimes violent breakthroughs will be on our path to achieve said qualities. Love affairs, in particular, seem to require hard work, hard communication, and radical honesty.

Let’s take a look at how each sun sign will be affected by these astrological events. If you know your rising sign, now is a good time to check it, too.


You can expect significant shifts in your home and family situation. Light is being shined on your inner mechanisms and emotional needs. Time to fill up your own cup.


Time for significant changes in the way you perceive and process reality. You’re in for a mini intellectual revolution. Reality depends on how you perceive it: half full/half empty. Lots of reading and studying will lead to significant changes.


Manifesting abundance in all shapes and forms! By making you question how you value yourself and where you draw your sense of worth, this new moon will help you feel more secure in yourself and more secure in the material plane. Money is on its way.


Time for me time. You’re extremely focused on your goals and self. Who are you, what do you like, what do you want, where are you going, and with whom? You’re called to really step into your power and define yourself and your world.


You’re in the midst of an intellectual revolution and you’ll find your ideals shifting significantly, leading you to perhaps feel unsatisfied with previous goals and dreams. Your sense of purpose is changing and your ideals rising.


Your sense of purpose is changing, too. You might find that your ideals, ideas, and dreams are changing significantly, causing you to seek a redirection of your life. You could find yourself seeking new friends, new communities, new professional goals.


Professional changes are brewing and this new moon marks a significant shift for you. Realizations when it comes to family patterns that you have inherited are also possible at this time—pay attention to your heritage (cultural, emotional, social) and you’ll find that you’ll want to shed some weight.


This is the beginning of a time of studying and exploration for you, Scorpio. Whether these studies are formal or informal, you’re in the midst of a complete shift of your mindsets and perceptions. This truly is a time of tremendous growth, and you might find yourself wanting to explore your options and gain more freedom.


You’re shedding layers. You’re at a time of deep reflection and growth, and more than ever you’re going to be willing to commit to a special someone over the next six months. You’re understanding that there is freedom in commitment, and you’re eager to grow through intimate connections.


Cooperation! You’re at a time when you realize that work without play isn’t fun, but also that it’s easier to attract bees with honey than vinegar. You’re learning cooperation and collaboration, mediating and softness. This is helpful for you both in your professional and personal life.


Your keyword for this new moon is discipline. You’re trying to find a balance, a schedule, a routine, a discipline that feels right for you and helps you feel healthy and thriving. You might find that it’s a time of catching up on work or obligations—or self promises.


This is a time of enhanced creativity and (re)connection to your heart and inner child. This is a great period for you to heal your inner child, get in touch with your heart’s desires, with your yearnings, with your passions. You’re asked to focus on this—feeling your own heart, passion, fire, and let this guide your decisions.

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