This new moon in Sagittarius wants you to start over with a clean slate—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

Cue your manifesting powers—the new moon will be making its full debut in the sign of Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 26th. When a new moon occurs, it’s always a time for rebirth, new beginnings, and new energies, which means we’re called to start new projects, work on new ideas, and receive “clean slate” energy.

However, this new moon in Sagittarius is a very sweet energy. This particular zodiac sign is associated with spiritual growth by visualizing and manifesting our desires to appear in the physical world through optimism, faith, and action. Sagittarius energy is also very fertile and has a great capacity to lay down the soil to help us achieve our desires. Pro tip: Don’t wait for the new year to make your resolutions—visualize what you truly want and go after it now.

Ready to take a look at how this new moon will affect each zodiac sign? Scroll below to find how what the stars have in store for you. Remember: Check your rising sign, too!


This new moon is pushing you to rely on your inner strength and sense of self-control. You’re going to feel impulsive, optimistic, and rash—and you have the capacity to accomplished a lot of things for the next few weeks. But do pace yourself, Aries. It’s important that you contain your energy and exercise self-control during this time. 


Now is the time to reflect on your relationships, Taurus. You want to acquire new knowledge, question your beliefs and values, inquire about the state of your relationships, and figure out what you could be communicating and doing differently in order to have more satisfying relationships. If you’re looking to manifest your ideal partner, do it now. Write everything down to make it come true. 


If you’ve been having disagreements in your relationships or at work, this is a great time to get closure so you can move on to receive more peaceful energies. You’re being nudged to let go of combative energy and the need to win—and, sometimes, dropping the sword is the best path forward. The more you can cultivate a peaceful and high-ground energy, the more satisfying your work and personal life will be for the next few weeks.  


This new moon is about being social, getting out of your head, and meeting up with your personal and professional crew. For the next few weeks, you’re in social butterfly mode. But if you’ve been taking some time off to ponder about your family and love life, then you can most likely expect to receive the answers you’ve been looking for now.


If you recently been in situations where you felt like you were suspended in time—take a pause. Things could finally start up again, and you could finally feel ready to re-enter the world by ending your spiritual break. But if you haven’t been through this suspended period, then you may want to embrace it. In any case, this new moon is triggering your need to dig deep within yourself to be more in touch with your inner child and its needs.


This new moon is encouraging you to get more in touch with your emotions and less in touch with your rational, logical self. Yes, this can be hard to do, but it’s a good time to let go of the need to be right, fair, and balanced. Perhaps what matters most is what you need, what you can give, and what you can emotionally receive at this time. Sometimes, life isn’t logical—it’s about what we need in the moment to feel safe and comfortable.


It’s time to get some closure, Libra. A lesson or cycle is coming full circle, and you’re going to get the answers you seek. You could also have difficult and/or important conversations, as well as going on a significant trip. Endings and new beginnings are happening all around for you. Trust the process and the Universe. 


You’re recovering from a sense of loss, whether it’s real or perceived, Scorpio. This new moon is encouraging you to dive deep within yourself to find a sense of safety and permanence. This is a good time to chase any emotional pain by establishing a sense of security all around you, whether it’s through materialism or cultivating a sense of self-worth and personal values. 


You’re going to feel very emotional and possibly a little bit confused for the next few weeks, Sagittarius. Buried fears could resurface, which could make you experience a sense of confusion. Try to allow for any feelings and fears to come to the surface. You don’t need to attach a particular meaning to these emotions, as they can ebb and flow. If you can allow for these powerful energies to flow through you, you’ll most likely experience a greater amount of love and connection, within yourself and others. Trust the process. 


This new moon is supercharging you by giving you a very assertive and almost aggressive demeanor for the next few weeks. You’re going after your goals with dedication and grit, and you can be very successful in whatever you set yourself to achieve. However, do be careful not to alienate your friends and lovers as you assert yourself with rash and abrasive energies.


If you’re looking to begin a new chapter in your life, you might be a little indecisive about it or feel like it might be a foolish idea. Only you know what the answer to this question is. But this new moon is forcing you to factor in what other people are going to think of your decisions—and this is going to define the choices you have to make for the next weeks. If you aren’t looking for a new beginning, then your best path is to live up to your own standards and rules for the next few weeks by not straying off this path. 


You’re looking for your happily ever after, Pisces. But it’s important for you to understand that you cannot achieve your ideal life if you’re not crystal clear about how you want it to look like. Now is a great time to define your goals for your family life and long-term happiness. The more you’re aware of what it is you’re looking for, the more likely you are to attain and sustain this happiness.

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