Tonight’s new moon will reveal a lot about your relationships—here’s what it means for your zodiac sign

Earlier this month, we experienced an intense full moon in Pisces. Tonight, September 28th, the new moon in Libra will be somewhat peaceful—emphasis on somewhat. Libra is all about balance, peace, and harmony. So much so that Libra is willing to go to war to keep the peace. It’s extremely important for this sign to be surrounded by beauty, serenity, and peace.

And yet, the Libra new moon occurs in perfect alignment with Uranus, which wants anything BUT peace. Uranus wants authenticity, truth, and freedom. This new moon is going to ask: How badly do you want the peace? And are you willing to accept it at the cost of truth and authenticity?

Let’s take a look at how the new moon in Libra will affect each zodiac sign. Don’t forget to check your rising sign as well.


This Libra new moon falls RIGHT in your relationship axis, which is going to trigger an inner quest when it comes to love and partnerships. What kind of partner are you, and what kind of partner do you want? There will be a full moon in your sign in two weeks. And if you do this inner work now, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor come that time.


Make a wish, Taurus. You’re being asked questions of work and purpose, and you might find that any wish you send to the universe will be answered very soon. Now is a good time to take care of your health and things you’ve left unattended.


This new moon in Libra is bringing you so much clarity. As an air sign with an air sign new moon in your love, romance, and creative sectors, you’re ready to tackle pretty much anything for the next two weeks. It’s a time to focus on friends, what fills you up with joy and happiness, and how you want to express yourself in your relationships and activities. Good times.


You’re on a mission to gather knowledge. And this Libra new moon is helping you spend some time alone, at home, with yourself, and with your family. It’s helping you understand more about what you need and why you act—or react—the way you do. It’s a great time for self-knowledge and learning how to be more collaborative with others.


Are you waiting on some news, Leo? Especially some that’s connected to business? Well, you’re about to receive some. This new moon in Libra is offering news in regards to a project, business, or money you’re waiting on. It could be about love as well, like an increase in your communication with potential dates.


Time to get out of your shell, Virgo. If you’ve been secluded or very reflective lately, this Libra new moon is asking you to get out of the house and socialize. If you’ve been concerned with self-development, remember that you can’t develop if you remain at home with your books. Now is the time to reach out and create opportunities for yourself.


Libra, this new moon marks the end of a period during which you felt alone, isolated, and suspended in time. It was as if your life was on “pause.” Now is the time to get back to regular business and be your regular bubbly self.


This new moon in Libra is operating as a spiritual cleanser for you. But it’s also very connected to how aligned your current relationships are. You can expect to see any unstable relationship dissolve and fade in the background, leaving more space for stable and spiritual relationships to enter your life.


Sagittarius, you have been very focused on business and work lately. This Libra new moon can act as a bit of a disturbance for you as you find yourself with one too many plates to handle. You have a natural tendency to lack focus, and this new moon might throw you off balance even more. Make sure you know your priorities.


This new moon in Libra falls in your intellectual sector and talks about the need to let go of outdated beliefs that limit and sabotage you. You’ll have the next two weeks to think about that. Then, the Aries full moon will help you see the results of your rewired thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.


You’re navigating deep waters, Aquarius, and some secrets might come up. It’s overall a time focused on the truth—from yourself and others—and exploring your options when it comes to romance.


You’re always quite romantic, Pisces. But this Libra new moon is not only reinforcing the focus on love and relationships—it’s also offering you a refreshed vision of something more grounded, more long-term, and more practical than usual. You might meet someone of interest now.

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