Tonight’s new moon will bring about a ton of marriage proposals—especially for this one zodiac sign

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the moon is new. New moon in Leo occurs today, July 31st at 11:11 pm EDT. It’s going to be romantic, bold, and generous, so prepare for a lot of love in the air. This romantic energy is not without any surprises, though, as the moon forms a square to Uranus, the planet of unforeseen events and scattered restlessness.

This new moon in Leo brings a great focus on love affairs. There could be some significant and sudden changes in partnerships, perhaps related to material objects. Ask yourself: Is your boo aligned with you on money matters? And do you have the same long-term goals? Also, prepare to see a lot of engagements, marriage proposals, and other relationship news appear with seemingly dramatic speed and little preparation—especially for one zodiac sign in particular.

Let’s take a look at how this new moon will affect each zodiac sign. And don’t forget to check your rising sign as well.


A sudden new love affair might enter your life, but be careful of self-sabotage, as you could feel particularly restless and wary of long-term commitments right now. Don’t take too many risks when it comes to your love life, especially if it’s because you’re seeking a thrill.


Serious offers of family and long-term commitments are on the horizon for you. Your mind is all on family, building emotional connections, and forming nurturing relationships. This new moon is about building for the future.


This energy is more about the realms of the intellectual for you. You might think and talk a lot about love, but there isn’t necessarily a lot of action happening just yet—that, or the actions aren’t very stable at this time. Be advised you need more time and more communication when it comes to your love affairs.


A lot of your romantic concerns are connected to stability and security this week, including your financial plan. It’s important that you ponder what your core values and needs are when it comes to material goals, as this could be a point of tension or focus in your romantic relationships.


Love is your utmost focus, and you could definitely see an existing or new relationship take on much more importance. Romance is here, and you are taking an active part in developing it.


Love is very spiritual for you at this time, Virgo. You’re all about unconditional love and being selflessly loving, forgiving, compassionate, and understanding of others. A very mature and kind love can be present in your life at this time, and the basis of this love is emotional, nurturing, and motherly. Now is a time to reinforce these gentle and spiritual values.


You might find that your love affairs are somewhat public or connected to your professional life. Now is a time during which serious offers of love, offers that involve building a life together, or offers involving even a professional project could come through.


You are in the process of completely reshaping the way you see love and the way you approach it. A very spiritual and/or thrilling love can enter your life at this time or take on a new development, but it does require that you reconsider your views and beliefs when it comes to love and relationships.


Very serious offerings are coming toward you. For those in long-term situations, and even for those in newer relationships, marriage proposals are likely. Do ponder the risks you’re taking, as you could get in well over your head and rush into a serious commitment before you have the time to think it through. Love at this time is seriously soul-bonding and involves a lot of growth.


There could be some disruptions in your home base. However, this new moon is bringing a renewed desire to make commitments in love and building relationships. You might need to step away from your desire for security a bit in order to fully enjoy the romantic energy that is being offered to you.


Love is most certainly on your mind at this time, and this energy could kick-start new relationships. Work is also on your mind as you ponder how you can advance your career through different relationships. Serious offers in love are very much possible for you, perhaps based on companionship more so than burning passion.


It’s a very spiritual time for you. Offers in love are coming through to help you retrieve your balance and feeling of peacefulness, which could have been disrupted in the recent past. Love is very healing at this time and has a quality of forgiveness. However, you might find it hard to achieve the stability you crave, and perhaps some disagreements on the material plane are getting in the way.

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