Tonight’s New Moon in Scorpio will force us to break ourselves open and start new

This month, we have a new moon in Scorpio on November 7th. Scorpio is the deep, dark, and twisted sister of the zodiac—and I mean that as a compliment. She doesn’t skate on the surface of life; instead, she insists on plunging inward, down into the depths of her soul, so that she’s better able to understand herself and the world around her. She doesn’t shy away from the darkness of life either, because she knows that it’s the only way to see the light. Since new moons typically symbolize new beginnings, know that we’re going to be allowed to hit the restart button only after we’ve completed a major inventory of our life…including feeling deep feelings and acknowledging our shadow side.

Our shadow side is our unconscious self; the self composed of repressed ideas, instincts, desires, perversions, and embarrassing fears. It’s our wilderness, and it’s where Scorpio feels most at home. Scorpio loves to hang out here, unearthing deep stuff, overturning rocks, trying to make sense of everything that she finds. While the new moon often prompts us to harness its powerful energy to fulfill our visions and make our desires come true, thanks to Scorpio’s influence, we won’t be able to do so this month—or at least not do it particularly effectively—until we complete this excavation of our shadow side.

So if it feels like you’re being broken open, don’t sweat it.

That’s completely normal for this new moon. Remember: sometimes we must break ourselves open in order to make ourselves whole. And this is basically Scorpio’s jam. She takes pleasure in destruction because she understands that doing so will pave the way for creation and rebirth. And Scorpio is all about rebirth. She is the occult leader of the zodiac after all; she believes in reincarnation, rejuvenation, and rising above the ashes like a badass phoenix.

The key to this transformation is surrendering our ego to our inner guide. Sure, it’s easy to ignore or deny our pain or whatever ails us, but it’s only in our recognition and acceptance of our flaws and wounds that we are able to truly heal and thus move forward with our lives.

If Venus Retrograde‘s recent transit in Scorpio didn’t force you to go deep already, then consider this your moment. There’s no hall pass here. If you want to make huge changes in your life, then it’s time to confront what you need to confront once and for all. Coincidentally—or not, because this is the cosmos we’re talking about here—Uranus dips back into Aries on the 6th where it was last stationed in May. Don’t be surprised if issues from late April or May pop up at this time. It’s time to close the door or perhaps return to whatever was affecting you then in order to start anew now.

One of the best new moon rituals you can do is sit in meditation and write down your intentions for the next lunar cycle. Allow whatever comes up to come up, acknowledge it, bless it, and let it go. Jot down your thoughts and desires and let the Universe take care of them. To really take advantage of those sexy, magic Scorpio vibes, you might also want to try kundalini yoga or orgasmic meditation tonight to make your intentions even more potent.

No matter what, take this time to reflect back on how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned, and how much you can love all aspects of yourself, including—and most especially—your vulnerability. Because it’s in our vulnerability where we find our strength, bbs.