A new moon will rise tonight in Sagittarius, and here’s how your zodiac sign can get prepared

Don’t forget to make a wish when you look at the moon this Friday, December 7th: We’re headed for a new moon in Sagittarius, which is pretty much the luckiest sign in the zodiac. The archer always shoots for the stars, which means when the moon lands in Sag, it asks us to do the same.

Now is the time to plant the seeds of new dreams with the beautiful optimism that Sag is known for. If you don’t know what to ask for, fret not. The archer also loves to explore both himself and the world. Use this brave energy to allow yourself to aim high, higher than you’ve ever imagined. Because if this lucky new moon indicates anything, it’s that dreams can and do come true. So what do you most want?

Here’s what else the new moon means for your zodiac sign.


You have a regimented notion of success, Aries. You tend to see black and white, like, 1+2=3. But sometimes, thinking and/or creating outside of the box can get you closer to what you most want in life. This is one of those times.


You love your comfort, Taurus, but the amazing thing about Sagittarius is that they like anything but that. This new moon is urging you to get out of your comfort zone, because a new adventure is waiting. You just have to say yes first.


You can be rootless and restless, Gemini, but the only way your wild dreams are going to turn into reality is if you get grounded. So make a step-by-step plan, set some deadlines, and take conscious action. Then watch your dreams come true.


Dreaming big scares you, Cancer, because it doesn’t provide the stability you crave. However, you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Tune into your creative soul and get brainstorming. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.


You’re raring to go, Leo. The new moon is unlocking your deepest passions, including your need to explore and embark upon the most exciting adventures. Now is time to book that last-minute plane ticket. You won’t regret it.


You’re too cerebral for your own good sometimes, Virgo. But growth only happens when we open ourselves up to new experiences. Don’t be afraid to say yes to spontaneity and new opportunities. You never know where it will lead you.


You’re innately artistic and creative, Libra, but sometimes you wane on whether you can have it all. You’re afraid that any type of success might cause a rift within your squad or family. It’s time to do you. Dream your dreams, and #getit.


Your tendency is to remain grounded and not fly, Scorpio. But it would behoove you to set your sights on far-roaming interests. Don’t let your depth stop you from reaching for higher ground. It’s time to stop questioning and start doing.


You’re really feeling yourself right now, Sag. And why wouldn’t you? This high vibin’ energy is all you. The new moon in your sign gives you permission to start again wherever you see fit. This is definitely your moment, so let this awesome energy propel your wildest dreams.


You always aim for the top of the mountain, Capricorn, but sometimes you’re too practical for your own good. Use the moon’s free-wheeling energy to take a chance. Throw your plans to the wind and just dive into whatever you’re wishing for. Things will work out. Trust.


You have big and innovative dreams, Aquarius, but sometimes you doubt whether you have what it takes for them to come true. You do. The only thing standing in your way is you. Don’t be afraid to move forward with your highest goals. Any action is good action.


As the daydreamer of the zodiac, Pisces, you have no trouble dreaming. However, you do have trouble with moving your dreams into reality. This moon is giving you permission to take action to ground your biggest dreams. Baby steps can lead to big rewards.

No matter what, bbs, this new moon’s energy is glorious. Allow it to fuel your creativity and deepest desires, and most of all, believe. Believe in yourself, the Universe, and, of course, magic.

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