The New Moon in Pisces Is Happening—Here’s What This Means For Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to let go of the path that no longer serves you.

The new moon in Pisces occurs on March 13th. This luminary aligns with romantic Venus and Neptune, as well as transformative Pluto. It marks a time of personal growth and embracing dreams. As you shed the past and move toward your new visions, you may feel anxious or emotional. After all, growth is hard. Let go of the past now to walk the path that you’re meant to.

Below is your new moon in Pisces horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign as well.

New moon in Pisces horoscope:


Finding your footing may be hard right now. This means that it’s time for you to do some soul searching to gain clarity in the next direction that you want to take in life. Once you embrace your calling, then you will be able to move forward in your endeavors.


Connecting with your friends and reuniting with your peers will bring comfort to you during this new moon in Pisces. It’s a wonderful time to laugh, talk, and catch up with everyone in your life. After all, you’re feeling more sentimental and nostalgic than ever. Embrace that energy. Keep the positive memories flowing.


You’re busier than ever with work, which means that your hustle is strong. The caveat is that you’re not feeling a connection to the projects that you’re given. Ask your boss for different tasks or responsibilities. This will help in changing the direction of your career for the better.


This new moon serves as your personal wake-up call. You may feel as though you’ve been sleeping for months. Now, you are finally coming to life and are able to put your visions into reality. You will be able to create the life you want by listening to your dreams.


You’ve been second-guessing your intuition lately, which is causing anxiety to manifest within yourself. Rather than talking yourself out of a situation, embrace your gut feelings and sentiments. You’ll begin to see things clearer once you let go of logic and accept your intuition. Take a leap of faith.


You’re working on mending fences with those you care about. Although, it’ll be hard to apologize and take accountability at first for your wrongdoings or miscommunications with others. When you take the first step toward rebuilding bridges, you will allow the relationship to grow and evolve to be better than ever.


Finding your place in the world can be hard. And, stressing out isn’t helping you see your calling. Words of advice: Stop worrying about the future. Be more in the moment. If you remain present at all times, it will give you a fresh perspective about the path you should take.


You’re crushing hard and wanting to let your feelings be known. Putting yourself out there is scary and it’s stirring up a lot of emotions. It’s never the wrong time to express your sentiments. Doing so may bring in a new relationship or create a deeper connection with your boo.


The new season is nearly here, making it the perfect time to do some much-needed spring cleaning. Let go of everything that you don’t want or need. You can donate your items to charity or give them to friends. This will make the energy in your home feel lighter and better.


You’re a busy bee! It’s great to have plans to keep you busy, but you totally need a break from all the noise. Disconnect for a few minutes a day by turning off your electronic devices and unwind. You can relax and chill out, if you allow yourself to.


Your finances could use some structure. In the recent past, you haven’t been paying attention to your spending. Now, you should be careful and start saving your pennies. The rainy days of spring are almost here, which makes this new moon a great time to get started implementing your savings plan.


This luminary marks a time of reinvention. This could mean rocking a new look or changing your hairstyle. Or, it may also be a moment of changing your inner philosophies. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you’re helping yourself evolve and transform. Spread your wings and fly.

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