A new moon in Libra will rise tonight, so set your relationship intentions now

If you’re looking to hit restart on your relationships, then look no further than October’s New Moon on the 8th in Libra. New moons are the perfect time to set new intentions for beginnings and renewals, and since Libra rules partnerships, this new moon is particularly potent for setting new relationship goals. However, with Venus, Libra’s home planet, currently in retrograde in smoldering Scorpio, don’t be surprised if what you seek is connected to something more intense and deep-rooted.

With the sun and the moon both in Libra at this time, we’ll be feeling the sign’s influences, including an emphasis on partnerships and the need for balance, much more strongly.

And then there’s Venus in retrograde to contend with. When Venus went retrograde in Scorpio on October 6th, it prompted us to take a deep dive into our relationships in order to find out what makes us tick, both inside and outside of the bedroom. As a result, you’ll be much more aware of your triggers as you focus on showing up more authentically when it comes to romance.

So if a new moon in Libra is all about new beginnings and resetting our desires and intentions when it comes to partnerships, then we could actually work with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio to really honor what’s coming up for us at this time. For example, feelings of toxicity and jealousy are natural during Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, so, during the new moon, we can use those gunky feelings as fuel to repurpose and reset how we want to feel within a relationship. This can be an excellent time for forgiveness; for others who might have hurt you, and for yourself. Forgive, bless the experience and its lessons, and let it go.

Since Scorpio rules sex, the retrograde will also prompt us to get real about our sex lives. If something’s bothering you about your bedroom antics—maybe your partner isn’t pleasing you the way you’d prefer, or you want to find more time for making whoopie—then one of your new moon intentions could be reigniting your sex life on your terms.

Because Libra is also an air sign, this new moon will give us the feeling that we’ve been here before. Whatever’s present in terms of your relationships is symptomatic of your past. What karmic ties can you clean up at this time? What old habits can you do away with in order to make way for new, healthy relationships?

Basically, if there’s been a pattern of dysfunction within your relationships, this new moon is a good time to help rid yourself of old ways of being and doing so that you can set your intentions to reflect your new, healthy, and positive relationship desires.

So grab your vision boards, journals, crystals, and sage, and start visualizing the love life you truly want and deserve, bbs. Read your intentions out loud to the new moon, visualizing and embodying them coming true. And then, surrender it all. It’s only when we completely let go that we’re able to create space for something new and beautiful to enter our world.

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