The new moon in Gemini wants you to embrace your passions—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

The Gemini new moon, which occurs on May 22nd, marks the beginning of a new cycle. This new moon will square off with Mars and connect softly with Saturn retrograde. It’s a time for you to embrace your passionate thoughts and take action around manifesting your dreams. The good news is that Saturn will give you the push to make your desires a reality.  


You’re beginning to feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. If you feel up to it, you may want to discuss repressed feelings that you’ve been hiding. This will allow you to let go of the underlying pain that’s been holding you back.  


Step up your game, Taurus. Don’t let the naysayers hold you back from achieving your visions. You’re a hard worker and you will be able to obtain all of your earthly desires—if you choose to level up. Think outside the box. Dream big. Be a baller, bb! 


You may feel shy in revealing your true sentiments to others right now. Don’t feel pressured to speak up or to speed up a relationship. Center your thoughts and take time in deciphering your emotions. Move at your own pace. Then you can make the decisions that are best for you.  


It’s been a hard day’s night for the past few weeks. You’ve been working like a dog. As a result of your hard efforts, you’re feeling exhausted and overworked. Use this new moon to recharge your batteries. Put your phone on silent and have some much-needed “you” time.  


It’s essential to set boundaries with your squad right now. While you’ve been very generous with giving your time to others in the past, you’re now wanting to give yourself some of that energy and extra TLC. Don’t feel bad for being selfish with your time. After all, you totally deserve it.  


A sense of professional renewal is coming your way. Think back to a passion project you abandoned several months ago. You can transform that idea and create a new vision on top of the former objective you had. You have the power to evolve the project and make it a reality now. 


You’re in the mood to change up your vibe. While a new adventure seems unlikely at the moment, you’re having fun plotting and planning your next big trip, spiritual journey, or any activity that will allow you not to focus on mundane tasks to enlighten your mind.  


You can get deep with your emotions, Scorpio. But, now you have the chance to commit with a crush and become much more intimate with them than you ever thought. Do not shy away from connecting with your boo. Move towards commitment. Let go of your fears to merge together.  


When you compete, you’re there to win. Although you may be thirsting for your boo’s attention, you’re choosing to take the high road and not use manipulative tactics to get their recognition. In fact, you’re willing to walk away if they don’t give you 100%. After all, you deserve more. 


Work feels tedious at the moment—mostly due to the fact that you’re in high demand. Before you take on new work assignments, make sure that you’re finished with old projects. Once you put all of the past to bed, then you can finally do the work you want. 


Passion is in the air right now, but you’re unsure of how to move forward with your budding romance. Slow your relationship down and connect with your crush with a flirtatious convo. Keep it light. Don’t discuss heavy matters with them in order for it to stay cute and sweet. 


Before conquering the world, you must conquer yourself. This means letting go of all the hang-ups that are holding you back from stepping out and realizing your goals. Once you release the fear and negative vibes you’re feeling, you’ll win at life and everything else you want to achieve.  

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