Tonight’s new moon in Aquarius will challenge each zodiac sign to balance heart and mind

On February 4th, we’ll be greeted with a new moon in Aquarius. New moons are amazing opportunities for fresh starts. It’s a super duper “clean house” sort of vibe as we enter Aquarius, because this sign is all about innovation and the new. As the futurist of the zodiac, the Water Bearer is known for breaking the rules and changing the dynamics of the world so that we’re able to grow and transform in big, bold ways—and it’s usually all for the highest good.

Innate humanitarians, Aquarians are the ultimate benevolent lover. They really do want everyone to get along. However, ironic as it might sound, Aquarians are not very emotional. In fact, as an air sign, they would rather create and connect with their head and logic than with their heart. This is where the new moon gets interesting. New moons are known to evoke a ton of emotions as we process the past and start fresh, but thanks to the Aquarius influence on this moon, we might think our feelings are interfering with what we ultimately want to build in our lives. We might, therefore, find ourselves longing for emotional freedom during this period—and skipping over some necessary inner work.

However, if we can try to find a balance between our feelings and logic as we focus on how we want to transform our lives, then we can truly embody and work with the vibe of the visionary Aquarius. Here’s what else this new moon has in store for your zodiac sign:


Your impulse is to dive headfirst into a new project, Aries, but this new moon is asking you what happens when you take a step back and see the bigger picture. What could you readjust that would suit the needs of all involved?


This new moon might create a feeling of discomfort, Taurus. You crave comfort, not newness. However, you’re intrigued by a new possibility that lands outside of your comfort zone and following this instinct could surely enhance your evolution.


If you’re inspired to experiment with something new, Gemini, now is the time to do it. This is the perfect time to harmonize with others and seek opinions and new ideas from your community for your next big venture.


You like what you like, Cancer, but sometimes that means playing small. This new moon is suggesting that if you take the risk, you might expand your world in ways you never expected. Your vision deserves to be heard. Step up.


You’re exploring different levels of freedom, Leo, as you seek to answer: what does freedom look like to you? Is it a new job? Traveling? Independence? Spend this time being inventive and imaginative, and above all, follow your gut.


You like things to be efficient, Virgo, but sometimes our biggest goals start off a little messy. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty as you try different things and spend time with new people. And look on the bright side—it’ll help.


This is the perfect time for you to do what you do best, Libra: socialize and experiment with numerous creative projects. This will help you get the ball rolling on one particular project close to your heart because, remember, focus helps with completion.


This isn’t the time for being hard on yourself or your dreams, Scorpio. While it’s easy for you to be self-critical, use the imaginative energy of the new moon to dream even bigger and see how far it might take you. Because you can go very far.


You’re feeling very optimistic about the future and where you’re going, Sag. Use this beautiful energy to fuel your actions so that you’re taking the necessary steps toward your goals. Remember: the bolder you are, the better. Go big.


This isn’t the time to dominate or control, Capricorn. Rather than force an outcome of a situation, allow it to unfold. Additionally, don’t back away from a vision that might seem out of the ordinary for you. In fact, the “weirder” it is, the more confident you should be that it’s right.


You’re definitely in your zone, Aquarius. You’re feeling inspired to take leaps toward your most madcap visions. Involving your trusted community will help your goals become reality quicker. Tip: don’t be afraid to listen to your feelings. They tell you a lot, too.


You might be feeling out of sorts, Pisces, about which direction to take on a certain subject. While your tendency is to rely on the opinions of others, the new moon wants you to go it alone and trust that you know what is best for you. Balance your heart with your head. This is your time to shine.

This new moon helps us to honor and respect both our logic and feelings, bbs. How can we trust what our emotions are telling us while remaining detached from an outcome? Believe in your dreams but know they can’t come true with just dreaming alone.