A new moon will rise in Capricorn this weekend, bringing boss energy to every zodiac sign

New Year, new moon. The first new moon of the year is happening on January 5th, and it will fittingly rise in Capricorn, our current astrological season. A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, and this one is particularly symbolic: we’re getting a jumpstart on our biggest dreams and goals for 2019. Capricorns are the ambitious and relentless workers of the zodiac. Once they set a goal for themselves, there is nothing that can stop them from seeing it through. So, since we’re experiencing a new moon in Capricorn while we’re in Capricorn season, you can expect a double whammy when it comes to motivation and wanting to make things happen.

And if this entrepreneurial energy isn’t enough for you to start setting your intentions for the New Year, the new moon also comes with a partial solar eclipse. During a partial solar eclipse, the moon blocks only part of the sun, but its effects can be felt for six months. Which means whatever goals you set today will be with you until June.

But let’s not underestimate the power of the moon, either. The moon rules our feelings, so we run the risk of having our emotions cloud our judgment when it comes to our dreams. There’s nothing wrong with being in tune with our feelings—in fact, it’s a must when it comes to living an authentic life—but don’t let the intensity of the new moon affect what you know to be true for you. If you need to slow it down and give yourself some space and time before moving ahead with your goals, then that’s okay too. Take this opportunity to recalibrate—and don’t forget that you’re worthy of your heart’s biggest desires.

Here’s what else this new moon in Capricorn has in store for your zodiac sign:


You’re super driven already, Aries, and you’re more than ready to tackle 2019 head-on. Take this time to investigate a weekend workshop or residency program that will help you get a leg up on the competition.


You like to stay within your comfort zone, Taurus, but you’re also one of the most hardworking signs with major boss energy. Look into taking online courses that will help further your skillset.


If you were looking to start a new project, Gemini, this is your time to do it. While you love living in your head, now is the time to make things happen in a tangible fashion. Even taking one action will work wonders.


You’re more talented than you give yourself credit for, Cancer. Your talent might be more subtle than others’, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing. Are you a secret writer or painter? Now is the time to showcase your gifts.


You’re never shy to show off your talents, Leo, so there’s no point stopping now. Get out there and network, declare your intentions and goals to VIPS, and don’t hesitate to send out your latest projects and proposals.


You’re as hardworking as the other earth signs, Virgo, but you’re just more humble about it. Don’t be afraid to display your talents and abilities. Your leadership is needed; believe in yourself and you’ll go further than ever before.


If you’re working on a collaboration, Libra, now is the time to move forward with it. Two heads are better than one, and you can gain a lot of traction when you seek support and resources. Ask and you will receive.


You’re one of the great researchers of the zodiac, Scorpio. If you’ve been considering studying something new or delving deeper into a project, now is the perfect time to do so. It’ll lead you closer to your #endgame.


You’re always one for adventure, Sag, and now’s your chance to combine your wanderlust with ambition. If you’ve been wondering whether to study abroad or work in a different country, consider this new moon your green light.


This moon is double potent for you, Capricorn. While you might feel like you need to get it all done and get it right, the cosmos want you to take a breath. Keep moving ahead, but don’t forget you’re enough as is.


You feel like your best self when you’re helping others, Aquarius. Use this powerful energy to volunteer for your favorite cause or maybe apply to jobs at not-for-profits that ignite your passion. For you, it’s all about goals with soul.


It’s time to get that creative energy out, Pisces. You’re a born artist and you have a powerful gift to share. Whether that’s writing, drawing, dancing, or something else, you must express yourself in order to feel like yourself.

This is a powerful moon to help us establish our goals for this year, bbs, as well as honoring our authentic selves. Your dreams will only come true if they’re yours and yours alone. Believe in yourself, take inspired action, and watch them come to life over the next six months.

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