Tonight’s new moon is bringing Big Boss Energy—here’s what that means for your zodiac sign

Things are speeding up in the cosmos, and we’re going to feel it this week. Mercury Retrograde is finally over, so communication and technology should be back up and running again, and we recently entered fiery, energetic Aries season. Then, on April 5th, we’re celebrating a new moon in Aries—and that’s a lot.

The new moon in Aries is electrifying us. We’ve been bathing in an ocean of watery Pisces energy as Mercury, Neptune, and Venus all transited the sign. This made us very dreamy, romantic, idealistic, and spiritual in recent weeks; things have been blissful but confusing.

This new moon is all about a new cycle, though—we’re being asked to take action to make our dreams come true. Enough daydreaming, says the new moon. Time to roll up your sleeves and get started.

But remain aware of your restrictions and limitations, and be aware that hard work is required of you. Nothing will happen with a magic wand—this is the message of this new moon.


Let’s take a look and see how each zodiac sign will be affected.


New moon, who dis? This new moon is activating your ambition and sexuality, Aries. It’s a good time to get the ball rolling on any projects you have in mind. Time to manifest in the world what you wish for, and focus on partnerships, boundaries, and self-nourishing.


Feeling dreamy, Taurus? Focus on your creativity and dreams—get in touch with your subconscious and focus on your dreams and imagination, but also on other things we usually don’t like to get into: your fears, your shadows, your hidden thoughts.


Expect fun times, Gemini—this new moon is firing you up. Lots of social contacts ahead—be out and about with your friends, connect with people at work, on the internet, and during group activities. It’s a good time to try new things and meet new people.


Move ahead with your professional ambitions, Cancer. The new moon supports your career and goals and asks that you take responsibility and be accountable. Now is the time to review your professional goals and how you’re going about them.


You’re being challenged to change the way you perceive reality, Leo, the way you think and learn. Now is a good time for a mini intellectual revolution, and it’s also a good time to work on affirmations and intentions. Be clear with what you wish to see happen during the next few weeks, state it, write it—and it’s yours.


You’re navigating deep waters, Virgo. Don’t be afraid to look at the parts of yourself you dislike. Now is a time for self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, and through this process you can achieve great things, if you give it some time. It’s likely that these changes will be connected to your intimate partnerships, so expect to face what is and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.


When is it not about relationships for you, Libra? You’re in the midst of a big transformation of your relationship patterns—hang in there, everything that you are discovering is serving your growth as an individual and as a partner. You can expect new beginnings and changes of energy in all of your partnerships—romantic and otherwise.


This new moon is inspiring you to change your routine and habits, Scorpio. Focus on your health, diet, and daily regimen. If you have been waiting for the right moment to change your routine, now is the time to do so.


What a fun time to be out and about, Sag. Love is going to hold a special place for you in the next weeks. You’re passionate, connected to your heart, and connected to your soul. Open yourself up to new adventures, take risks, and start new projects.


Think about what nurtures you, Capricorn. Get together with family, or with yourself. This new moon is triggering for you a need to look within; withdraw for a moment and find what’s going on in your heart. Don’t be afraid to face whatever emotions come up during the next weeks.


This new moon is giving you lots of energy, Aquarius. New ideas keep emerging, new thoughts, new breakthroughs. It’s a very intellectual moment for you, and it’s a good idea to think about grounding yourself as the next few weeks will be intellectually restless. You can expect enhanced communication in all areas of your life.


This is the climax of the last few weeks for you, Pisces. It’s going to feel as if you’ve been given the key to decode all of the mysterious events and feelings you’ve had recently. Things are moving forward financially, too—it’s a good time to get the ball rolling on things connected to the material.

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