The new Monopoly pieces have finally been revealed, and we’re not sure how we feel

We knew we were losing classic tokens like the thimble, but we didn’t know what would be taking its place. Until now. The new fan-voted Monopoly pieces have finally been revealed, and while they’re quirky, they’re definitely…well, different.

We embrace change, but too much at once is always a bit of a risk. Aside from the thimble, we’ll also be losing the boot and the wheelbarrow. Instead, we’ll be adding some animals to the mix.

The T-Rex, penguin, and rubber ducky will be included in Monopoly games that’ll be released starting in August of this year. That means there’s still time to grab a “classic” edition if you’re a little bit bummed.

Here’s what fans had to choose from.


And, here’s the brand new lineup.


Okay, so. The T-Rex is definitely cool. We kind of figured that was a shoe-in. (Uh — no hard feelings there, boot.) We’re definitely surprised that the horse didn’t make it in, but we’re guessing it was a close call. The rotary phone looks mega-classy, so hopefully, that’ll get a second chance some point in the future.

Gizmodo actually made a pretty hilarious point about the new pieces on Twitter.

Huh. So, if cats rule the internet, maybe birds rule the Monopoly board. And all in all, it could have been worse. We mean, we avoided the emojis. While we love emojis, they wouldn’t have felt right in this situation.

Voting took place throughout the month of January. This wasn’t the first time that Hasbro asked the fans to determine the fate of the game. Gamers ended up replacing the (much-missed) iron token with the cat token back in 2013 — a move they’re still happy with, according to these new results.

With Monopoly, we’ve learned that nothing is forever — but we definitely appreciate the fact that Hasbro keeps trying to freshen up the popular classic.