This new mom attempted putting on a skirt she wore pre-pregnancy to prove an important point

Anyone who has ever given birth knows that your body changes immensely after the pregnancy is over. Mia Redworth, a mom from the U.K., has experienced this firsthand, which is why she posted a post-baby picture of herself in a skirt she used to wear before she became pregnant. Mia wants to show all 24.8K of her followers that post-partum bodies are worth being celebrated, no matter what size skirt you can fit into after you’ve given birth.

Mia gave birth to her son 13 months ago, and she had a C-section. Her body has gone through a lot of recovery since, and she’s been on a journey of self-acceptance. Mia says she was a size 4-6 before she became a mom. “I was obsessed with my weight and hated my body,” she wrote. Now she’s much less concerned with losing weight and fitting into old clothes. 

She admits that she got “so down” when she first started working out again after giving birth, because she wasn’t in the same shape she was in before. But she realized that scales mean nothing when it comes to health and happiness.

"My fitness goals have never been to get back to my body before a baby because I had no booty and no muscle and with weight lighting I'm going to be bigger, I'm building muscle and THATS OKAY!" Mia wrote

In the picture on the left, Mia’s little denim skirt wouldn’t even button up, but now it fits again — even though she’s nowhere close to what she weighed before becoming a mom.

“Clothing size isn’t everything and although this shows my waist is getting small, because of building my bum+thighs theyre always going to make me go up a few sizes just look at how short this skirt is now,” Mia wrote. 

She encourages moms everywhere to forget about the numbers on the scale and instead focus “on loving yourself for you, getting rid of the negativity and challenge yourself on why a clothing size is so important to you.” It’s all about rewarding yourself for your progress and accepting yourself exactly where you’re at today. 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Preach, Mama Mia (sorry, we had to)!

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