The New Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake Video Is Delightful

Fellow ’80s and ’90s children: A new Michael Jackson video is here! It’s also a new Justin Timberlake video! Oh happy day!

The song was originally recorded by Jackson as a demo in 1983 at the height of his career. Obviously, this song is perfect but Michael had so much perfection going on at the time that there just wasn’t any room for more. As a result, the demo collected dust, at one point becoming lost under a refrigerator for the better part of a decade, before Producer L.A. Reid discovered it at the bottom of a box of Christmas decorations, added Justin Timberlake and released it posthumously. (Most of that last sentence was conjecture.)

Listening to this song, it’s hard not to smile. If you need a pick me up, this one’s for you! Justin Timberlake looks like he’s about to laugh in some of the takes which is pretty fun to watch.

Sharing this with all of you, I’m reminded of the time I made my whole family change the channel for the network premiere of Michael Jackson’s “In The Closet” and ended up being mortified by the scandalous content. But don’t worry: this is one you can watch with parents! I will not make that mistake again!

image via E! Online

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