This new method of removing blackheads is freaky, but we can’t look away

Having a few blackheads on your skin that you just can’t get rid of is one of the most frustrating things human beings were cursed with in this lifetime. It’s no wonder watching pimple popping videos is a popular American pastime. There’s a new way of removing blackheads that some of you zit-popping enthusiasts might find disgustingly enjoyable. It’s called skin gritting, and it looks like it takes a lot of effort.

There are quite a few Reddit members of the SkincareAddiction community who can’t stop talking about skin gritting. It’s apparently the best way to get rid of those stubborn blackheads. It’s done by removing all the dirt and oil first, and then you get access to all the grit, like blackheads and skin cells. Gross, but we’re sure it’s satisfying.

The first step is to wash your face with an oil cleanser and apply a clay mask. After you remove the mask, you use an oil cleanser again, only this time you massage it into your face vigorously, which helps the blackheads break free and the nasty stuff slide out.

Perhaps the best part of skin gritting is the fact that you can see all the blackheads come to the surface. Which may scare people off, but if you’re a lover of popping pimples, you’ll probably be obsessed with skin gritting.

However, Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a dermatologist, told Refinery29 it might not be the best idea to get knee deep in skin gritting.

"People with sensitive skin should be very careful with this type of treatment, since the combination of clay (which can be drying) and rigorous exfoliation could be way too irritating," Dr. Tanzi said.

In other words, it’s probably best to not skin grit on the regular, because it takes a toll on the skin. Dr. Tanzi did say that this method is probably effective, though, considering the fact that clay is known to grab debris and “lift it out of pores.”

Maybe don’t do it every single day, though. That’s what YouTube blackhead popping videos are for, after all.

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