This McDonald’s employee gained Internet fame by being adorable

Taiwan has a new Internet star, and she’s known as the “McDonald’s Goddess” — and people are obsessed with her. Wei Han Xu works the cash register at a McDonald’s in Taiwan, and she quickly gained Internet celebrity status when a blogger took a few pictures of her at work. (While taking pictures of a stranger and posting them online sounds like a pretty creepy and borderline illegal thing to do — and definitely not something we’re about — WeiWei, as fans call her, seems to be loving the attention.)

Following her overnight fame, WeiWei has maintained a daily social media presence AND appeared on several Taiwanese game and variety shows. She now has over 30 thousand Instagram followers and 86 thousand Facebook followers. Unless you can read and understand Mandarin, chances are you won’t fully understand her posts — but you’ll at least be able to see that she is indeed adorbs. And smart. According to Nylon, in addition to her job at McDonald’s, WeiWei is a full-time college student and a part-time model.

If you’re wondering how WeiWei is able to get away with her non-standard uniform, McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan don’t follow the same McDonald’s dress code we have in the states — they even gained some attention earlier this year when they brought in various cosplay outfits for their employees to wear. So, WeiWei’s work outfits aren’t unusual for Taiwan, but the culmination of her cute cosplay outfits and just being so lovable in general has captured the attention and hearts of so many people in Taiwan.

When fans found out which McDonald’s branch WeiWei works at, they flocked there for the chance to order a burger and fries from the Internet sensation, which we’re sure the owners of the franchise aren’t mad about.

Check out a video of WeiWei in all her adorable glory:

Featured images via Instagram