There’s going to be a new Marvel show from the creator of “Gossip Girl” ~XOXO~

When you think about Gossip Girl, you’re probably not thinking about superheroes. On the other hand, when you think of superheroes, you’re probably not thinking about the Upper West Side. But now, thanks to some awesome new television news, you will be.

Unfortunately, it’s not Blair Waldorf who is suiting up to save the world, even though that is a VERY GOOD IDEA if anyone is listening. Instead, one of the masterminds behind Gossip Girl (and also The O.C. and also Chuck), Josh Schwartz has a brand new series in the works about a group of super teens who suddenly find themselves with super powers. Knowing  Schwartz’s track record for teens (and teen dramas), we are 100% fully HERE FOR THIS.

The series, titled Marvel’s Runaways, is based on a comic of the same name, Runaways. It follows a group of kids who assume they’re normal kids, until they discover that their parents are actually part of a super-secret crime organization called “The Pride.” Not wanting their parents to, you know, destroy the world, the kids take matter into their own hands to try and stop them. The kids also have also inherited their parents powers, like super strength, telekinesis, and also one who can talk to dinosaurs (just go with it).

While all other Marvel TV series have landed on ABC and Netflix (and coming soon, FX), this one is heading for Hulu. Along with Schwartz, he’ll be joined by Gossip Girl and O.C. vet Stephanie Savage, as showrunner/producer.

Right now, just a pilot for the series has been ordered, but since we already know this is going to be GREAT, it’s only assumed that Hulu will order more scripts, and eventually pick the whole thing up to series. And then someone can start working the dream series: “Blair Waldorf wakes up with superpowers, takes over the world.”

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