There’s a new “Legends of the Hidden Temple” trailer and it looks straight up epic

We are already beside ourselves with excited anticipation about seeing the beloved show Legends of the Hidden Temple come to life.

And now, a new trailer has just been released showing more of all the adrenaline-pumping playfulness we can expect from the upcoming movie and it has us like whoa.

Unlike the first trailer, which gave us an overall look at what the movie would be about, this trailer packs its short 90-seconds with seeing just how many challenges our heroes will have to overcome. The heart-pounding music coupled with the familiar-looking statues and overall epic nature of each action-packed moment are already making us need to see this movie.

And, of course, there’s a moment with a hero in a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and a lit up Hidden Temple face because this movie really wouldn’t be complete without that.


Seeing all these moments back to back remind us that this is going to be a truly ~legendary~ movie. Not to mention, it may actually make us start to believe that the show we loved as kids may have been based on a true, super exciting, ancient story.

And, as if you needed another reason to enjoy this new trailer, Olmec actually speaks in it and it is perfection.


The movie is set to air Thanksgiving of this year. And we seriously cannot wait.