The new Lacoste logo is completely unrecognizable, but we are digging it

The classic crocodile logo is no more! Lacoste has a whole new look and it’s totally unexpected.

On Wednesday, the clothing brand, which is known for its iconic little crocodile logo, revealed its new logo and it’s wilder and crazier than you’d ever imagine. While we’re used to the preppy little croc adorning the equally preppy clothing created by the brand, its new capsule collection, which will launch this November, brings a new logo design with it.

Designer and photographer, Jean-Paul Goude is responsible for the redesign and the new collection and it’s show-stopping to say the least. The original croc has been replaced with a larger creature, who is sort of trippy looking, riding a unicycle, wearing a dunce cap and holding onto a tinier crocodile.

The event to unveil the new, spicy logo, took place in Paris and also showed off Goude’s collaboration with Lacoste for it’s “Holiday Collector” edition and the looks are edgy and fresh.

"It's full of energy, fantasy and sense of humor," said Jérôme Dreyfuss told Women's Wear Daily about the new collection this week.

Check out some photos from the Paris event and get a few more glimpses of the new feisty crocodile logo below.

Keep in mind the original logo looked like this:

What do you think about Lactose’s new logo? Are you a fan or not?