This new ‘La La Land’ trailer with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is about to crush your heart

Ever since we found out that Emma Stone was going to be in a musical with none other than Ryan Gosling (!!!), we’ve been biting our nails in anticipation. The first trailer, which features Gosling singing to Stone, was literally as cute as it gets. Well, or so we thought. Because this new trailer for La La Land has us absolutely freaking the eff out, because OMG our hearts.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long for La La Land!

Set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on December 2nd, and then to hit theaters nationwide on December 16th, this is one musical we just cannot wait to see. TG it’s not too far away, or we’d probably spontaneously combust just sitting around and waiting.

We just LOVE seeing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together.

It’s the duo’s third time acting together, and they remain a total power couple in all things film and music. They’re always cute as hell when paired up, but their general adorableness and ridiculous talent combined with them singing is almost too much for us to handle.

Watch the trailer below!

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