This vampy new Kylie Jenner lip kit might be our fave shade yet

Each time Kylie releases a new lip kit, we think that we’re done. We say, “Okay, this is my new fave, I can’t buy anymore!” knowing that it’s never really true. She recently released a black lipstick with a metallic finish called “Majesty,” and we said it again — until we saw this tweet. false

It looks like Kylie is releasing another black lipstick, because of course she is! This one is called “Dead of Knight,” and will be released this Friday. While black lipstick may be a little unconventional for summer, as we normally see peachy pinks and lighter colors, we’re loving this look — it’s a way to look vampy even when it’s hot out. This shade has a matte finish, unlike Majesty.

If Dead of Knight isn’t your style, you can still get a few of her other shades, though apparently there are only a few left of certain colors — so be quick! false

Black lipstick can look great on people of many different skin tones, and can work with a lot of different looks. It’s super fun to play with, and can make you feel powerful, sultry, sexy, and fun. Basically, it’s the best. We’ll be online early on Friday to add this new shade to our collection of lip kits.

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