Yup, the new ‘Jurassic World’ trailer is even more epic than the first

Universal Pictures has just released the official global trailer for Jurassic World — and if you thought the first trailer was epic, this one basically has us falling out of our seats in June 12 anticipation.

According to the new trailer, Jurassic World is just your everyday theme park — plus dinosaurs — until pressure from corporate leads to a little genetic modification to help “up the wow factor.” (We can all see where this is going.)

Apparently, years of sci-fi movies weren’t enough to dissuade JW‘s scientists from trying to play Mother Nature, and we get some new insight into Indominus Rex, the genetically-modified dinosaur previously revealed as Jurassic World’s latest (and most dangerous) attraction. Because she (that’s right, it’s a girl!) wasn’t already scary enough based on previous clips, we learn that after eating her own sibling, the dinosaur has escaped containment, clawed out her tracking implant, and has started to kill for sport.

To make matters worse, Indominus Rex may or may not have also convinced the other dinosaurs to start a revolution against humans by the end of the trailer (as one YouTube commenter pointed out — is this Jurassic Park meets Planet of the Apes?!). Yes, things get crazy; and yes, you need to watch this trailer. If we weren’t already terrified of I-Rex, we certainly are now.

On the bright side, Chris Pratt yet again proves himself to be the delightfully lovable hero that we know him to be, with the perfect balance of sassy one-liners and general badassery. Based on the trailer, he is basically the dinosaur whisperer of Jurassic World: he treats dinosaurs with respect, rather than as a means of making money. He is the first to see why messing with dinosaur genetics is probably not a good idea — and is quick to recognize how intelligent I-Rex truly is. In the final showdown of man-made creature vs. man, Chris Pratt takes the reigns.

“If we do this,” he says in the trailer, “We do this my way.”

We can’t wait to see what that means. Check out the trailer for yourself below, and watch Jurassic World when it comes to theaters June 12.

(Image via video.)