The new “Jumanji” has begun filming and it already looks totally epic

We’ve been anxiously anticipating learning more about the new Jumanji movie ever since it was first announced. And now, since the film is currently in production, we’re starting to see some of the behind-the-scenes and we are loving it.

Dwayne Johnson posted an official picture of the main cast in their costumes looking ready for a (hilarious) adventure.

It features him, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan. Each one has a totally different look and clearly different personalities.

He captioned the picture with even more of a hint about each of the characters we see (and a little extra explanation if needed).

He wrote, "EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: #JUMANJI The journey continues. 'Moose Finbar' (Kevin Hart). 'Ruby Roundhouse' (Karen Gillan. Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me;). 'Professor Shelly Oberon' (Jack Black). 'Dr. Smolder Bravestone' 'cause well.. he smolders."

We’re glad there’s some outfit clarification about Gillian’s costume since the rest of them seem to be wearing comfortable layers that protect them from the elements while she’s showing a lot more skin.

He writes more in his caption, complimenting his co-stars and talking about how much fun they’re already having on set with each other and how he’s having trouble not cracking up during the shots.

He continues, "Hard workin' and FUN first day of shooting in the jungle with this talented and crazy motley crew. Jack is brilliant, Karen is bad assery, Kevin is sharply hilarious and I smell good...Extremely hard trying to keep a straight face in these scenes. Too funny. We're makin' a good one."

Of course, conspicuously missing from this picture is Nick Jonas, who was at one point rumored to be joining the cast. But, of course, since they’ve only begun filming there are plenty of days left in the process that the star could hop in.

The new costumes and characters have us totally curious (not to mention already LOLing) about what to expect from this new film.

Johnson has made it clear that this movie will not be a remake of the original classic, but something totally new and different. We simply cannot wait until September of 2017 (when it’s currently coming out) to see what this talented and hilarious crew create.