This new ‘Jessica Jones’ trailer has us willing it to be November 20th already

With only a week to go until its release, Netflix has dropped another full length trailer for its newest original series, Jessica Jones. If this is the first time you’re checking the show out, the easiest way to describe it would be if Veronica Mars had super powers and a drinking problem. That’s the vibe that’s coming out of Marvel’s latest Netflix series, and these next ten days can’t pass fast enough.

Krysten Ritter stars as the title character, Jessica, a retired superhero now working as a private investigator. There’s clearly some stuff from her past haunting her, and to try and cope with that, she’s turned to alcohol. Oh, and also getting into fights with people twice her size. This catches the eye of barkeep Luke Cage (Mike Colter, who will one day have his own Netflix and Marvel show), who can’t help but notice something is going on, and it’s not normal.

So what’s Jessica’s deal? That all lies with Kilgrave, AKA the Purple Man, AKA the Tenth Doctor, AKA David Tennant. He’s got some sort of mind control hold over Jessica, and she’s desperately trying to break it before Kilgrave can harm others, like, having them jump off of buildings to their death. That’s something Jessica most certainly wants to put a stop to.

This is the first trailer where we actually get a good look at Tennant as Kilgrave, and there’s a quick glimpse of Carrie Anne-Moss as Jeri Hogarth, an attorney from the comics with a gender-swapped role. Check out the whole trailer below, and all 13 episodes when they land on Netflix next Friday.

(Image via YouTube.)

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