There are brand new pictures for “Jessica Jones,” and they are giving us life

Today maybe you woke up and thought, “oh my gosh, who is going to save us now??” If this is on your mind, don’t worry, because we’ve actually got an answer to that pressing question: It’s Jessica Jones, obviously. She’s the kickass female heroine we need in the world right now, and bless Netflix, Jessica Jones is coming back for Season 2.

While we’ve still got some time before her grand return (right now, Season 2 is just slated for ~sometime~ in 2017), there are now brand new Jessica Jones pictures — maybe from Season 2, maybe from The Defenders, both shows are filming at the same time so it’s hard to tell.

BUT TODAY, the day when we need her the most, these pictures are giving us NOTHING BUT LIFE.

These pictures also offer up a few small spoilers for the upcoming shows, so just be warned if you haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet…or Luke Cage for that matter, either.

Snapped last week, we’ve got some nighttime outside images that show Jessica Jones coming face to face with…Misty Knight?!


Yup. It looks like these two badass women are about to meet face to face, and from this image, it does not appear to be going well. Misty has her gun drawn, and Jessica has her hands up. But certainly these two powerhouse ladies can work things out, right?

Other pictures from the set show Jessica in her trademark leather jacket and chunky sweater (which is absolutely perfect for these upcoming cold months), along with a cup of coffee, because obviously.


Jessica also looks pretty beat up, and should we be worried??


Also, just casually wondering, why doesn’t Simone Missicki have her own Marvel show yet?


It also looks like we’ll get to see a lighter side to our Misty Knight. Print this picture out and hang it on your wal so you can look at it whenever you’re feeling sad.


These pictures are going to have to hold us over for a while, and hopefully a few more pop up soon. It’s still going to be a looooong wait till these ladies make their way back to Netflix.