The new iPhone update will tell you if your employer is tracking your phone

It’s always exciting when something new related to the iPhone comes out, even if it’s just an update to iOS. Whether it involves apps taking up less space, new functions in certain features, etc., we have no issues with getting new stuff from Apple (especially when it’s free).

And with the newest iOS update, 9.3, something pretty big is coming: the ability for you to check if your employer is monitoring the activity on your company-issued iPhone.

According to BGR, as of iOS 9.3 (which will likely be released later this month, though that hasn’t been confirmed), a message under Settings > General > About will tell you when your Internet usage is being monitored, as well as note that your employer can locate the device and alter its software.

“This iPhone is supervised. [Company Name] can monitor your Internet traffic and locate this device,” BGR reports the message on top of the About screen will read.

It’s important to note that your company can’t access your personal data, and that everything is still protected via encryption, a PIN, your fingerprint, etc. And while the new update will give us more transparency, the monitoring capability itself is not new. For those of us who have seen the fine print on new-hire paperwork similar to, “The company can track your activity at any time,” we know this has always been a possibility. But the fact that we can now find out when this is happening is good to know.

But the big lesson here is still to be careful what you click, guys. Like maybe save the hilarious-yet-crude videos for lunchtime, and on your personal phones–especially until you upgrade to iOS 9.3.

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